The Story

We love live startups.

We have Been there before. Multiple times. In the start, you have an idea you want to make happen. Sometimes you don’t know where to start, other times you don’t have the resources and rarely you want to know who else is doing it and how to make it in the best way possible.

After all the ups and downs We know the feeling when it happens. We want to share that feeling with people.

Thus, we started with an ambitious number that the company will take as a change. A number large enough to make an impact and but achievable as well. We started with 100. It felt like a great milestone to achieve. To incubated mentored and work with 100 top startups in the country.

Our First Project

Elipic Stock

ELIPICSTOCK is a stock content website that offers high quality and hand-picked images taken by creative photographers.

ELIPICSTOCK provides the whole world a beautiful pictures of Ethiopia’s geography, city, people, events, culture, holiday, tourist destinations landscape, regions, streets of Addis, city life, nightlife, traditional holidays, cultural dresses and food, technology, constructions, discoveries, endemic animals, events, Funny pics and the Horn of Africa.

Got An Idea?

So, what are you waiting for
Let’s make it happen.

If you have a creative idea and want help in turining it to reality we are excited to wrok with you

Companies we work with